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Dr. Robert O. Young

The Illusion of the Germ Theory

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Jessica's reply

I have a problem with this. It sounds like a lot of theory with almost no science to back it up. By their reasoning viruses and bacterial infections should not be contageous if it's nothing more than an imbalance in our own bodies. They make it sound like just by eating healthy (I have my own theories on what is "healthy" and it includes a raw and organic diet) one can become immune to such things as HIV or cancer. This is a very dangerous idea. HIV is highly contageous and to make people believe that their diet can make them immune is insane.

As for cancer...well I do believe that a healthy diet that is as raw and organic as possible is best. I also believe that to truly avoid it you need to also be in an evironment that is free of chemicals, including the pollution sitting outside our homes. But that's a discussion for another day I think.

Can food help you to stay healthy and illness free? Oh yeah. Will it make you immune? Not a chance.

As someone with a very poor immune system, I've seen too many times just how easily a virus can be transmitted from one person to another. I know that when I'm totally raw my immune system bennifits (I just don't get sick as easily) but I'm far from 'immune'.

Not only that but it's a scientificly proven fact that viruses and bacteria are living organisms. Not chemical reactions. Viruses are only alive when inside a host. They go into a sort of stasis when outside a body and "wake up" when they're inside of one. Bacteria is always living. Some bacteria is good for the body and some are not. All viruses are bad.

Just my opinions. Take them as you will.