Raw pizza

I add garlic and sun dried tomatoes to the flax when blending and make similar to the crepe. I spread some blended tomato on top of the crust, layer with basil leaves and then put some hemp cheese on top. I make this by blending hemp hearts with very little water to make a white cream. I then put it in a container with a coffee filter on top and the seal with a cover. Turn upside down and an hour later right side up, removing the wet filter. And top with some small pepper pieces. You can add whatever toppings you want. And season the cheese and tomato sauce with some basil, sun dried tomatoes, oregano and use olive oil to top.


What I do is soak flax seeds for around 8 hours and put them in the blender with a few dates or dried prune and some water. I can use the blended flax over apple or other fruit as cereal sometimes with a little nut milk.

Crepe Recipe

Blend some berries to make a sauce, add a little raw honey if needed to sweeten. Cut up the berries with the sauce and roll up the crepe. Then I top it with a cream: Soak cashew in water an hour, drain, blend with just a little water, raw honey and vanilla. When refrigerated put this cream over the crepes and serve with some greens with an orange dressing and sliced bananas.


Soak 1 cup dates and half cup dried prunes in enough water to cover them for at least 2 hours. Put soaked dates and prunes in blender saving the liquid. Add 2 tablespoons shredded or warm coconut oil. Blend to thick consistency. Add _ cup raw Cocoa power and a tablespoon of raw carob powder and a little of the date liquid and blend. Place mixture in a bowl. You will have to take the blender apart to remove the remainder of the sticky mixture and put into the bowl. Add almond meal (1 -2 cups), _ cup of cacao nibs, _ cup of shredded coconut and _ cup of chopped raw soaked walnuts and mix. Spread out in dish about 1 inch high and top with shelled hemp seeds. Put in freezer. You can cut them into squares and place in dehydrator for 12 hours to dry and then refrigerate.

Raw Spagetti

Spiralize zucchini and add some cold press olive oil. Make a tomato sauce by blending some soaked sun dried tomatoes with regular tomato, lemon, some pine nuts (can use brazil nut as substitute), basil, and the end pieces of the zucchini that can’t be spiralized. Pour sauce into strainer and allow it to sit for awhile, maybe 20 minutes to allow some liquid to drain. Place sauce over zucchini.

Raw Lo Mein

yellow squash. Add some Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, lemon juice and grated ginger. Mix and enjoy.

Creamed Broccoli

Chop up broccoli as small as possible. Add mixture of Avacado, lemon juice and some celery salt. Mix well.

Creamed Cucumber Salad

Blend _ cup of hemp hearts with _ cup or less of water with lemon juice to get a creamy consistency. Add some chopped onion (green, red, leek) and parsely and dill if available. Pour over sliced cucumbers.

Easy sandwich

Soak sunflower seeds and blend through omega juicer with carrot. Place over dehydrated bread, flax crackers or celery. Top with squirt of lemon and some sprouts.


Blend cauliflower to grain. Put in bowl and squirt with Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. Wrap with sliced avocado and seal with apple cider vinegar. You can add additional fillings such as cucumber, pepper, sprouts, ginger and seed cheese.