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Paula H.

I cut off the flat bottom close to the shell with a serated knife. Then I poke around with a chopstick until I find the small round hole that is already there. Poke the chopstick through the hole, then clean out the hole area as much as possible by scraping everything away (I use a grapefruit section-er for this). Turn the coconut upside down over a measuring cup to let all the water out. When all the water is out, put the coconut on a cutting board on it's flat side. Then I saw it in half with a special saw I bought for this (don't remember what it's called, but it wasn't expensive and never needs sharpening). After it's sawed in half, it's easy to scoop out the meat.

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I live in key west and I eat 3-4 coconuts daily right off the tree. I use a machete to cut away the husk then break thru the nut with it. To get the jelly I use a bigger machete it's called a sugar cane machete. It will split the nut in half. I use to be a genius at opening coconuts as a beginner. I would recommend to you a 18 volt battery operated or plug in drill with an 11/16 drill bit. The genius part is when you pull a straw out of your pocket. This is truly an easy safe way to open coconuts.
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V&T Asian Market in Hempstead (Main and Penninsula) young coconuts $14.99/case

12 N Franklin St
Hempstead, NY 11550
(516) 481-1133