I put a dash of cayenne pepper in my smoothie each day.
When TJ was presenting crackers at Show & Tell, he told us that he is using Cayenne pepper in crackers and it keeps him warm and healthy. Matt puts cayenne peppers in chocolate fudges to balance sweetness of chocolate. David Wolve mentioned during his last presentation in New York (I was watching him via a live webcast) that he puts cayenne pepper to keep him from drinking his smoothies at once.

I’ve heard a lot about Cayenne pepper’s health benefits. The main medicinal properties of cayenne are derived from capsaicin. Today cayenne is used worldwide to treat a variety of health conditions, including poor circulation, weak digestion, heart disease, chronic pain, sore throats, headaches and toothache.

READ THIS -- Cayenne has been known to stop heart attacks within 30 seconds!!!

I know from my personal experience – Cayenne pepper stops bleeding. So, for example, if I cut with a machete not only a coconut, but also my hand : ) cayenne pepper will help me to stop bleeding in seconds.

If a hemorrhage occurs in the lungs, stomach, uterus or nose, it is suggested that a teaspoon of cayenne powder in a cup of hot water (I would suggest in a smoothie) be taken every 15 minutes until the crisis has passed. The bleeding should stop in 10-30 seconds.

Please read http://www.shirleys-wellness-

There are also a couple of books about the health benefits of a cayenne pepper:
The Healing Power of Cayenne Pepper by Patrick Quillin
The Health Benefits of Cayenne by John Heinerman

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As for peppers; you need to develope a feel forthere use, I make a big salad, use olive oil, kim chee juice,or apple cider vinagar, celtic sea salt, ceyenne, and curry it's great. You could finely cut open A hot pepper, also you can add it to a green juice or a smoothie. Go slowly and develope a taste for it.