Have you ever experienced Breema?

Well, what is Breema? you ask.

Do you have a minute? Let's experience it together.....

"Right now, whether you're sitting or standing, bring your body to a comfortable position. Experience the weight of your body. Simply. Nothing extra is needed for this experience. See that you are breathing. Register the inhale. Register the exhale. For this moment, allow this to be the only activity you are doing. Allow your body to have a gentle swaying motion, either back and forth or side to side. Experience the weight of your body, shifting, moving through center, breathing; several times. Bring the body to stop at center. Feel the effects of this simple exercise."

That's a taste of Breema! We call Breema The Art of Being Present. Breema involves simple exercises, both done on oneself as well as on another, with the aim of being present. When I am present to my life, I have more joy.

For more information about Breema, check out breema.com and watch the Breema video.

Peace and Blessings,

Mary-Beth Charno
Breema Instructor and Practitioner
"Let your breath breathe you"