Asparagus for Cancer

Place the cooked asparagus in a blender and liquefy to make a puree, and store in the refrigerator.
Give the patient 4 full tablespoons twice daily, morning and evening. Patients usually show some improvement in from 2-4 weeks. It can be diluted with water and used as a cold or hot drink. This suggested dosage is based on present experience, but certainly larger amounts can do no harm and may be needed in some cases.

Barry's question:

Is there any difference between eating cooked asparagus and pureed and stored asparagus as a medicinal?

Mary's answer:
Actually, it is my opinion and mine alone here...raw is best and eaten as soon as harvested. In a perfect world that would be my No1 choice! In fact if I had this health challenge- raw and fresh only all the way. However, for others preparing it in advance in batches is best for them and their situation. The next best for me is cooked and eaten immediately (and cooked very little), then the last on the nutrition scale would be puree and store.

Why? That order for top nutritional intake. If one has a heavy health issue like stated below-do what ever it takes is my take on this article. Now others who feel that cooked adds to the release of something in the asparagus like carrots get more Vit A's I've heard, then they would argue this point.

My personal take on all these insane diseases popping up all over the place is the lack of TRACE MINERALS in our foods and even our supplements we buy for a high price! When these elements are replaced in the body it is amazing to see all different ailments disappear...go figure! Maybe, just maybe our foods lack the nutrition (oil & gas) needed to keep our bodies (engine) running in tip top shape or running at all! Good fruits and veggies are easier to get, but it is a challenge to eat seaweeds daily. (That is the only natural foods that we can eat trace minerals today from!) I take a daily 2oz of the Limu seaweed and it does wonders for my general health!

Sorry I added some additional info here. It is a real mission of mine to let people know the super importance of trace minerals. We even get oils through our foods and nuts, but sea plants are more difficult to come by on a daily intake.