Anti-Cancer Soup

(modified for raw food diet)

Serves 2.

2 cups warm water
2 Green Onion, cut
2 Tbs.Caraway Seed
2 Carrots
2 slices each, Purple and Green Cabbage
2 Broccoli Stalks
1 Red Pepper, sliced
3 Tbs. fresh Dill Weed

Soak caraway seeds in pure water 24 hours prior to use, then pour off liquid. Put finely cut broccoli flowers and thinly sliced, peeled stems in sauce pan with cover. Grate cabbage and carrots over broccoli, and add caraway. Blend onions in 2 cups warm water, and pour broth over veggies. Cover, let stand for 5 minutes, garnishing with dill and sliced red pepper.