Almond Milk


I made a video about how to make almond milk. See link below. v=8JdB-9vD0vw

1. Remove skins. I freeze the almonds after soaking them 2 days and defrost them in warm water and then remove the skins. There is also a method where you put the almonds in almost boiling water before soaking for a split second and then quickly put them in ice cold water to blanch.
2. Soaking almonds needs to be done for at least a day and a half to remove the enzyme inhibitors [to make it a live food]. The soaking water should be changed every 12 to 20 hours. I find if they are soaked more than 2 days they can get bitter. Another thing, if you can't make the milk or remove the skins right away then put them in the freezer. They will ferment quickly especially since they are sweet and unpasturized.
3. Take about 1 cup of shelled almonds to about 3 cups of water. Blend for about a minute on low and then high. [Notice how I am inexperienced with the vitamix in the video, LOL!]
4. Place almond milk bag over a medium size bowl and pour mixture into it. Squeeze all the liquid out(I look like I'm milking a cow). You can put the almond meal back into the blender with a little water and extract additional milk.
5. Sweeten the milk with soaked date(or just the juice from the soaked date) and add a dash of cinnamon and vanilla for flavor. You can also use raw honey. Put back in blender and mix. [Note that I put the dates, vanilla and cinnamon in before blending. If you do this your almond meal will be a little sweeter. Pure almond meal dries quicker and stays longer.] Pour in bottle and store in freezer what you are not going to drink in a day.
6. The almond meal can be used in other recipes. I dehyrate it a few hours so I can store it to use as needed. I put it into my raw brownies, add a little to flax chips, put it in pie crust and used it with cashew cream in my raw cheese cake. For those raw foodist who have family that you want to cook healthy for, you can use the almond meal to bread chicken and vegtables. It's gluten free and great for those with food allergies. But for a stict living foodist, the almond meal should be acceptable since it has been soaked and dried at a low temperature.
7. You can use the almond milk for many things:
-raw brownies and cold milk
-sliced bannanas with milk and add some hemp. You can use any sliced
-Put over flax cereal with sliced apples and raisins. Tell the kids
it's oatmeal because milk on it really makes it taste like cereal.
-use the almond milk in a frozen fruit smoothie or as the base to raw
ice cream.
-Blend with raw chocoate powder and carob, frozen bannana and berries.
You might get the teenagers to drink it instead of the frapachinos from
starbucks and Dunkin Doughnuts. Add some cashew cream to the top and
pop in a straw.
-blend with vanilla and bannana to make a raw eggless eggcream. Tell
grandma and grandpa you got it fresh from the sweet shop and they'll
tell you how they haven't tasted one that good since they went on their
honeymoon in Atlantic City.
-If it gets a little tart after a day, blend it with some frozen frut
and you have a great yogurt. Better than dannon but without all the
chemicals! And it may even have some probiotic, probably more than the
irradiated acidophillus tablet that health concious people take.